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Posted: January 10, 2012 in press release / communiqué de presse

Hi guys! Sorry if I haven’t posted much for such a long time.

Anyway, I have decided to start over with a brand new site and blog at this address:

I just bought the domain last month and things are off to a slow, but smooth pace.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks and links! See you there. 🙂

(…and no, I won’t close this site just yet. It might serve a different purpose sooner or later. *wink*)



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Yes, I am.

There was some freak incident at work today when two of my co-workers just began bickering at each other for some reason. It was just odd… and ironic. They used to be very close with each other. It didn’t take long before the issue spreads around and everyone began to talk about them.

To tell you the truth, even I myself, even though I am not a part of the conflict, was highly disturbed at the incident. I dislike the sight (even the thought itself) of two good friends breaking apart just like that… maybe because I had been through it – and I myself had it rough.

Given my way, I’d do the dirty work of putting them back together myself, but I know they need their own spaces first and they need to let their steam off before things can be worked out, and I don’t want them to see me as being nosy and all; so I just hope and pray they’d come to their senses soon enough. I wish the best for them. Since they are my friends as well, I don’t want them to suffer the same fate as I had been.

It may sound funny seeing how affected I was, despite the fact that I am in no way related to the conflict, but since I had been there, I just know how awful it feels.




It’s now official! “the13thgeek” is now officially part of the open beta testing for Audition 2, the most-awaited sequel for the popular online dance game, Audition. Participation has been made official effective July 22, 2010 after the game client has been officially released for open beta testing to the public.

Initially available in Korea only, the open beta testing has been made available through Club Audition Korea members.

The new game is packed with a fresh new interface supporting the latest widescreen displays. Audition 2 uses cel-shading for avatars as opposed to 3D from Audition. Audition 2 also showcases a set of new game modes and modifications of existing game rules.

As the new game is still in open beta testing phase, bugs and problems are to be expected. However, the game has been running well so far.

Further updates will be posted.







Gameplay video / ゲームプレイビデオ

It just feels weird when things planned spin out of control; and yet the ones that are initiated spontaneously gets away with it? 😛

That applies to my “welcome-back” party with my friends back in college. We used to plan this little gathering after I arrived last June, but due to scheduling problems it was always pushed back from one date to another.

But thanks to one of my friends’ spontaneity (and persuasiveness), we were able to push through with our reunion last Tuesday! We also had our dinner  last March before I left (basically, a bit of a send-off party), so this one serves as “welcome-back”.

Of course, I was more than glad this happened, because I badly missed these folks while I was away for a few months. As usual, it was the four of us. We had our dinner in Tokyo Tokyo (and boy, am I glad that the unlimited rice is back 😛 ). We shared a couple of stories with each other to keep us updated. I talked about my experiences in Winnipeg, while the others shared all about what happened while I was away. We just had so much fun that we lost track of time and we noticed that it was already 10 PM and we’re the only ones left inside the restaurant! 😛 Who cares? It was fun. hahahaha

After the restaurant, we decided to look around for somewhere else to hang out – until we found ourselves in the garden facing G4. We played the usual game we’ve been doing ever since. I don’t know what it’s called, but basically, we just ask questions and everyone has to answer truthfully. It was our chance to get to bond with each other after the years we have spent during our college days and after we graduated. Just don’t go asking what time we decided to wrap up, because you already know. 😛

I wish I could hang out with these guys again, and hopefully some of our other friends would be able to join us, too, so it would be like, a total reunion.

…and not to mention the gathering we had was also part of my belated birthday celebration. And just about how nice is it to celebrate your birthday with the people who were always there for you. 🙂

Whoa, the celebration’s not over yet! I was planning to spend the entire weekend sleeping, but again, cheers to spontaneity!

Saturday was spontaneous; all of a sudden I had to make plans to go out of the house due to some errands from my sister in Winnipeg, so I had to get up from bed (despite my late night stay the previous night when I hung out with my cousins) and get done with the errand. After the errand, from out of the blue, I grabbed the chance of the free day to visit the University which I graduated from, just to get a bit of the nostalgic sense. It rained hard but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the places my college classmates and I used to go to during vacant periods and it didn’t stop me either from roaming around the corridors while seeing my old self wander around. It was just relaxing.

I spent most of the day sitting in my favorite bench near the lagoon. I used to spend my vacant periods by that bench when I was still in school. I would also go there when I’m having a rough day, just to give myself enough (and quiet space) to think and keep myself composed. It was really a special place for me, personally. And since it was my birthday, so I used that as one of the reasons for me to visit the place and somehow, look back on everything that has happened, did some reflections and of course enjoyed the cool, rainy ambiance of the surroundings.

Sunday was just as unpredictable; I decided to spent overnight at my cousin’s place. It was fun, I get to play (lol?) with my younger cousins, their pets, their PC, and perhaps… their PS2 unit 😛 For some reason I find it therapeutic when I’m with younger kids. Their smiles are just… well, contagious. Their laughs are genuine and it made me recall my very own childhood days. 🙂

Another sudden event came in the afternoon; for some reason my friends and I have decided to go out and have a go at Angelina Jolie’s new movie Salt. It looks like I’m starting to grab my movieholic self back; as I have been going to a string of movies lately. I enjoyed the film, (partially-biased because I’m a Jolie fan 😛 ) but I have to say that her performance on the movie was a “give-it-all”; considering how she did the stunts herself with minimal CGI. The story’s a bit typical and we can say it’s comparable to Alias, but of course having the fact that it’s Jolie’s movie makes it unique.

PS – she looks hot on that black hair dye. 😀

Before the movie, my friend Ice and I had our late lunch first at Wendy’s. We had a typical meal, and to my surprise, she handed me out a birthday present! I was caught off-guard 😛 that was the second present I’ve got after my aunt’s! And what did she got me? It’s one of the book in the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid! I’ve been looking forward to read the series when it was first shown in Canada as a feature film, and she told me that she recalled me telling her how interested I was in those titles. And it was the first time she got a present since our high school days, and it was so nervous of me (for some reason) I was actually trembling the whole time! Thanks a whole bunch for this one, Ate Ice (I used to call her Ate; no questions asked)

We also met up with Marc, also one of my friends back in high school and then we watched Salt. After the movie, we still managed to eat our late dinner at Teriyaki Boy and the fun re-commences over dinner. It was as usual began with all the high school hullabaloo then went on to movies, food, and almost anything we could think on talking about. After Teriyaki Boy we even managed to have dessert over Dairy Queen. And I’m stating to get a bit addicted to the Blizzard ice cream (and I loved the way the servers throw it and make the cups spin 360 degrees to prove that they serve it upside down and the ice cream won’t fall into the counter) 😛

We were only three, but I can say that this was also one of the most memorable birthday celebrations I could have, despite the late date! Before I close this entry, again I’d like to thank Ate Ice for the book, and Marc for the cotton candy. You guys just bring out the child in me. 😀

Movie Friday Night

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Title says it all 😛

For some reason (props to spontaneity), it was due to impulse when I decided to go out with my cousins. I normally would go hang out somewhere with high school or college friends, so it’s something that’s new, basically.

But it was much more fun that I thought.

Since it was my birthday, so I initiated the event itself. We decided on a movie and picked out The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The film itself, is maybe not one of those really big box office hits like “Inception” (which I have already seen) but it’s still worth the watch. We all had a good laugh with this one.

I also took the chance to have our bonding moments during this time. I often see them because they’re my relatives but since we don’t really hang out all the time, it did felt like they were strangers, but thanks to this one that we all get to have our fun moments together. It was different than those fun times we had when we were little. 😛 We all clearly see that we’ve actually grown up, and I actually envied my cousin who was younger than me, but she’s already got the driving skill. (I wanted to shrink while sitting beside her in front of the car while does all the driving 😛 )

We shared stories and some other random stuff over burgers, fries and DQ. A bit of catching up here and there about what happened while I was in Winnipeg, and similar things of the sort. We even managed to have coffee right after the movie even though it’s already during the wee hours of the morning! I do hope I could hang out with them again, sometime.

We’ve got free Slurpees this morning! When we went down to 7-eleven during the morning break time, we noticed that there was a huge queue over the Slurpee machine, and we found out that 7-eleven is actually celebrating its 500th store, so they’re giving away free Slurpees with the special cup design! It’s the first treat I’ve got from that convenience store 😛

My birthday has come and went… honestly it wasn’t as notable as last year’s due to some factors like the “people change” factor. Almost all of my friends were really busy with their own lives and of course I couldn’t just force them to stop and make me go after them begging for attention, and at the same time the entire family’s attention was focused on my uncle (Dad’s younger brother) who suddenly passed away a few days back. Basically the everyone was grieving, at the time I was supposed to be celebrating another year of my life. Ironic.

Putting the sad thoughts away (shrugs), despite the insignificance of my celebration for this year, I simply celebrated it by giving myself a few presents.


I have been wanting to master the French language ever since I can’t remember, lol, but I finally got the chance to take a formal class (thanks to my friend Ice who referred me) at the Alliance Francaise de Manille. Classes will begin on August 14, and I’m so excited! I’m looking forward to learning French in a formal setting and have a chance to be with Ice in classes again. It just reminds me of the high school days that I missed so much. 🙂

starbucks tumblerA new… tumbler?

I left my tumbler in Winnipeg (?!??!) so I didn’t have anything I could use to completely utilize the water dispenser in the office, so during the first days at work, I used to buy bottled drinks every morning and recycle the container, but since the plastic containers from those drinks aren’t really suitable to be used a lot of times because they become cancerous over time, I had to buy a new one every day! And the expenses were unimaginable, so I forced myself to buy a new tumbler so that I won’t have to spend dough every morning just to have a drinking container. And since it’s my birthday I thought of getting something special – and I got the idea from one of my friends at work. And voila – I got a Starbucks tumbler!

…a widescreen LCD monitor!

Geeks, gamers and computer enthusiasts would no longer ask why! I got myself a new monitor the moment I arrived here. It’s been one of the things I have been planning to buy, so I didn’t let the opportunity pass. Who doesn’t enjoy watching films and playing games on a large screen? 😀

…a new Archie comic issue

For those who didn’t know, I have been a fan of the comic series since I was still in high school. I used to save my allowance so I could buy a new issue and I would often borrow some from my classmates. For this year, I also bought myself a new issue. It’s been so long since I have last read one of these.

Somehow, these little things, the simplest as they seem, have made my day. It’s really the smallest things that count – it just takes a little more amount of appreciation. 🙂

But that’s not really all – I also got a present from my aunt. It’s one of them Japanese women figurines – she’s got a lot of them here. (I’m currently staying with her and her husband who is a Japanese, by the way) Some of which she bought when she was in Japan, and today I finally get to have one of these! 😀

By the way, I would also like to express my sincerest thanks to the people who actually spent a moment of their busy lives dropping me a greeting on almost any medium possible – SMS, emails, personal greetings, Twitter and of course – Facebook. I never expected that greetings would actually pour down on my wall which used to be really empty. I had never expected that a lot of people actually spared me a thought. That goes straight down my life’s history book. 🙂